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SWAN High heels

Customer: NHS production

Category: fashion

The SWAN shoes are one of my own studio productions. For a long time I've been passionate about shoes. One of my dreams is to see my own designs on someone's feet, in real life.

Unfortunately for me, this design has been created by Kobi Levi this year. Apparently we have had the same idea (Zeitgeist) in the same period of time, only he has made it real when I was still searching for a sponsor. It's unbelievable, but true. This was supposed to remain a secret until they were realized. Now I can show you this design, because I will not produce this under my name anymore.

Don't worry, because I have several designs left that are waiting to come alive.  I'm looking for someone who is reliable and a perfectionist in traditional shoe making. Are you? Or do you know someone? Please contact us.

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